Hot Hugs

22 July 2007

After taking the steam train (the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Steam Railway) and steam boat across Lake Windermere, we stopped by Grasmere for lunch before we proveed to Glasgow, Scotland. We didn’t know which place to eat. If there was a choice, we’d always go for Chinese or Asian food because having too much Western food doesn’t make us happy.

You should look at our faces whenever we discover a Chinese restaurant! And the way our eyes lit up when we eat!

Anyway, we decided to go into Grasmere Garden Centre where there is a cafe in it. It wasn’t Chinese of course but the food was quite good. We then hang around the shop where I bumped across a toy duck which reminded me of Ducky. Its fur and beak colour is somewhat similar to that of Ducky’s.

I went in search for Iris who was looking at something else at the other corner of the shop to show her that duck. After we had a good look and admiration of the duck, Iris and I went out to the garden to snap some pictures with the flowers.

“Grace, Pappy is looking for you.”


“He’s holding a duck and he wants to show you.” Mummy said.

“Oh…I think I know which duck and I’ve seen it already.”

What’s funny is when I see Pappy holding the duck, came out of the shop, walk towards the garden and showing me the duck from where he stood, his facial expression was depicting that he’s very excited that he found a duck.

I just laughed from where I stood and said “I know!!”

We had to go back to the coach to meet with the tour members before continuing our journey to Glasgow city. As we were walking out, guess what I saw? Pappy holding a plastic bag with a duck in it.


Pappy then handed me the plastic bag and said, “Okay, I bought this for the both of you.”

But I know it is for me!

This is how the duck looks like. There is a few other selection of toys comprising of different animals but there was only a limited selection of it at Grasmere Garden Centre and the duck was among the cuter ones. Or the cutest.

So what’s so special about this duck?

I’ve decided to name it Bebeki as suggested by Iris. Bebek means duck in Bahasa Indonesia. So to rhyme it with Ducky, it’s Bebeki.

What’s so special about Bebeki? First, she’s an English duck and has flown in from far. So, that itself makes her one hell of a duck I would say. At the back of the box where she stood, are some wordings which read:

Just heat up my easily removable tummy in a microwave for 1 minutes, pop it back inside and let me give you a lovely warm cuddle. I'm scented with calming lavender and camomile pure essential oil perfect for helping you get a really good sleep at bedtime.

The only problem now is…I don’t have a microwave.

She’s going to bed with me tonight anyway so I’ll have two ducks. I need them both because I’m not feeling really happy today. It’s an issue of self-esteem and being comfortable under my own skin. A disease which I’ve been trying to fight and conquer since the day I was born. Insecurity and lack of self-confidence to sum it all.

I don’t really know how these two ducks will be able to help me with that…but they’ll help me get through the night.

Good night and sleep tight!


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