It is 12:15 am and I’m still awake.

Listening to a sad Korean song which I don’t know what it’s about. I only know it sounds sad. And I always have this tendency of listening and getting addicted to sad songs, especially when I’m alone and I want some peace. Sometimes, I get very restless and I just want to let it out but I don’t know how…so listening to sad songs help. It helps to move the tears and when the tears have done its job, I feel better.

It’s like how sometimes I like to watch sad movies, movies that make me cry, or it can be happy movies but with touching moments which makes me cry. After watching and crying, it feels good after wiping off the tears.

Why am I like that?


  • dmkgroove says:

    you know what, i think we share such habit too… it’s like we’re looking for something that shares our sorrows too at that time,

    hoping that we’ll cry together with the songs and movies, and then feeling better later

  • cbenc12 says:

    I think some ppl are like that .. i love sad songs especialy chinese song but sometimes i dun truly understand the meaning behind it. :((

  • Grace says:

    dmkgroove: Okay, I didn’t know you are like that.

    cbenc12: It’s alright. Sometimes it’s nice to just listen to the melody without the need to know what it actually means.

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