Tanjung Sepat

2nd day of Raya and it’s another day out! 🙂

Went out with the same group of friends that I had dinner with last night to Tanjung Sepat, a small fishing village. Departed from Wangsa Maju, passing by Nilai, Sepang, Sungai Pelek before reaching Tanjung Sepat. It is famous for longan, dragon fruit (you get to see dragon fruit trees along the way – my first time seeing it), seafood and lingzhi. Lingzhi is a kind of mushroom which I don’t really know what it’s good for. Since we went to Ganofarm which is a place that sells all kinds of lingzhi products, and serves as a hotel as well. I saw the signage that says Ganofarm Homestay.

I bought 4 small bottled lingzhi drinks. All 4 different drinks with lingzhi extract and a packet of crispy oyster mushroom. Just bought to get a taste of it since I’ve come so far.

We had dinner at 5 something. Even though it’s very early, the restaurant was already packed. We went to Ocen Restaurant, which is next to Lover’s Bridge, a local landmark in Tanjung Sepat. We had…Steamed Silver Pomfret in Teo Chiew style, Fried Hong Kong Choy Sum, Tofu kang ( a tofu starchy soup, add in some vinegar and it tastes like heaven, also a signature dish here.), a hot plate dish with fish and sorts, Manila clams (in Cantonese, it’s called “Sah Bak”, literally translated which means Sand White.) I was happy to see this because it’s rare to find this in KL but we have it in abundance in Sandakan..and those in Sandakan are huge and sweet.

We also had steamed prawn and deep fried squid. The dinner was nice and satisfying. Worth the journey.

Back to KL and we went to Old Taste kopitiam in Taman Maluri for tea, coffee and bread. We sure can eat! Old Taste kopitiam is like a replica of Old Town kopitiam. From its logo, tables, chairs, stools, menu design, food, you can’t help but feel that it’s Old Town kopitiam, but it’s not.

My friends, they sent me home, hang around the house for a while..and there goes my 2nd day of Raya.

He was pissed with me today. I don’t know whether to get angry of him, myself or Digi or Maxis. My SMS to him didn’t reach which was why he made such a fuss. I didn’t want to wake him up in the morning to tell him I was going out so I sent him an SMS instead…which eventually didn’t reach him. He was angry that when he called me, I was already out. I don’t know why he wants to get angry at this because most of the time that’s what he does. I cannot be sitting at home yesterday, just waiting for him. I know there is a possibility that he’ll get pissed but I wanted him to feel how pissed I can be with he does the same thing to me. Yes, I am a very bad girl.

But all is good now. Had lunch together today. Asked him out to have a jog with me later in the evening but told me he has got to work on his report. See what I mean? Every relationship is different and although this is not the first relationship of mine, it sure is a first in such that I’ve never been in this kind of a relationship where I’ll always be waiting and I spend so little time with him. It’s hard not to feel that there’s this gap between us..but I really hope that we’ll pull this through together.


  • cbenc12 says:

    seems u have a good time at tanjung sepat. i had seafood at pulau ketam too but the food is not really good. not to mention that our deep fried squid didnt come at last!!! arghh i so wanted to eat it.. /_\

  • Grace says:

    Yup I had a great time! I’ve never been to Pulau Ketam. Maybe next time.

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