Domestica Gracieo

I was at home the whole day. Didn’t want to go anywhere with the drama I had with my stomach this morning. But fret not. Everything’s in control now. In fact, I did lots of things today to my own amazement.

Aside from tuning in to Channel 588 – Angkasawan on Astro, which unfortunately we weren’t able to view the actual landing as Soyuz landed about 300 kilometres away from the actual landing site, it is exciting and comforting to know that we have landed safely to Earth.

I actually cooked porridge for lunch and dinner. Lunch was porridge with egg. Dinner was porridge with fried anchovies (ikan bilis). You’ve got to fry it till it’s crunchy and it tastes good.

I made apple juice for tea, accompanied with cream crackers. I was hungry, as all I had was just porridge. I know it sounds like a weird combination but I just couldn’t simply eat anything because I wanted to take care of my tummy which I believed has suffered enough due to my laziness and insufficient intake of fruits. 1 red apple and 1 green apple and what I have is a sweet cup of apple juice. It takes a lot more time washing up the juicer as compared to making the juice. I can just dump in one whole apple, or slice it up if it’s too big to fit the hole and then I push it down to let the juicer do the job. It feels like you are drinking the whole apple, with the skin too and also the core. It’s fun to make the juice but it’s not so nice to do the wash up because of the design of this juicer. But I didn’t complain today. I was washing it like I was happy washing it.

Called Iris in the UK who was freaked out too when I told her what happened to me this morning. I don’t want to tell Mum because she freaks out more than me and my sister does. Iris told me to take care of myself and eat properly. I will.

I also fried rice today for lunch tomorrow in the office. Part of me wanted so much to cook today. The other part of me…is actually sick nursing the people at work. I mean…I’m always the one asking if they want to eat and I’ll be the one driving them out to eat…but it is so rare that someone asks me if I want to eat. So sometimes I don’t know why I’m being so kind when others don’t even give a shit. So tomorrow, I’m going to eat my fried rice and the rest of them will have to settle on their own.

It’s not a bad thing, me cooking for lunch and bringing it to work. The downside is I’ve got to wait up early, got to crack my head of what to cook, got to be really efficient and manage my cooking time well. Time management is very important in cooking. Like when the rice is cooking, you fry something else. Or you coincide in such that when the rice is cooked, the dishes are ready as well. I’m still trying to master the art of cooking time management. I feel like I’m starting to talk crap.

I can save money and I can eat healthy food. It’s just that I don’t know if this is going to be a one-off thing. You know when I’m mad and I’m so determined to do something, I’ll do it. But when the anger dies off, so does the determination. But I will try to make this at least a weekly affair then maybe I’ll start to increase it to 2 times a week and so forth. Let’s see how far I can go. The other thing would actually make me learn to cook and to cook with more variations, not just sticking to my usual few menus. The other thing is…I want to be a WOMAN.

I ate cream crackers again just before writing this..because seriously porridge isn’t enough to fill my tummy. And I killed a cockroach after that. I felt like screaming, which is something I would do if there’s someone in the house. Like calling out to Mum or Dad or some hero who could do the killing job for me. But unfortunately or fortunately, I’m the only one who would be listening to the scream, aside from the cockroach. So, I’ve grown from being very afraid of cockroaches to still being very afraid of cockroaches. I’ve got no choice but to deal it on my own or close my eyes and let the cockroach roam free. But I know I’ve got to kill it because I cannot stand the idea of a cockroach lurking around in my house when I know I’ve just saw one. No way! Because I’ll be imagining it crawling into my bedroom or visiting me when I do the shower.

I also did the laundry, folded the clothes, washed the sheets and change bedsheets for 2 beds. There is happiness in just folding your blanket nicely, smoothen the crease of the sheets, smell your recently-washed tuala busuk, putting Foo Foo next to my pillow and see her looking cutely at me and patting Ducky on her head while you put her to lie down on the neatly folded blanket.

You have a good week ahead. I wish you a blue-less Monday.


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