Hari ini aku kena marah. He asked me if I love the shirt I’m wearing today so much that I got to wear it for more than 12 hours. When he called me, I still hadn’t take my bath. Sometimes, I’m very lazy. You can ask my mum or my sister. They sometimes get very fed up of asking me to bathe.

I have this bad habit of bathing late. It doesn’t happen everyday but it does happen. I would need to bathe earlier or as soon as I can before he starts to hate me.


There’s this persistent lizard in my kitchen. It has been thrown out of the kitchen window twice so that it lands on the road and does not disturb me anymore. Of course, I wasn’t the one who threw it out, Iris’s friend did. That was quite some time ago…and yet this lizard is always coming back. I just know it is the same one. You can see it by the expression of his eyes, his movement, his body measurement, his character. Yeah, I even know it’s a he because I want it to be a he.

Know what happened today? I almost molested it. Or rather him. I was so tired last night that I just rinsed the dishes and left it at the sink. Today I wanted to cook and so I had to wash the cooking pot before I could use it. I was already inspecting the sink and double-checked that Mr.Lizzie is not there. But ABRACADABRA, I was already washing the pot half way and it was there, sticking on to the sides of the pot. I didn’t see its whole body. I just saw his eyes and that was enough for me to know that it’s him. Yes, it’s him.

I immediately dropped the pot into the sink. No time to put down nicely and quietly and properly ok? Because of him.

Like what he always do, he ran helter-skelter and disappeared.

The lesson we can learn from Mr.Lizzie is: Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can wash today.

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