Penne ala Royale

Why do I love my friends? Because they will ask me if I have bathed. One even sent me an SMS, asking me to “CHONG LIONG”. I laughed all the way to the bathroom.

Why do I love my colleagues? Because 4 of them gathered at my desk, trying to help me to debug. And that I didn’t even ask for help. They just came to help me. So nice. 🙂 And so, I managed to solve it and because of that I left office at about 7 something.

Traffic was heavy along LDP and by 8 something we were still on the road. The colleague that I’m sending home asked if I’ve got any plans for the night. He suggested us to have dinner before going back. So, we went to Marco’s Pizza, opposite Kelana Jaya LRT Station. I had pasta. Penne ala Royale.

He treated me tonight. So nice. 🙂

Then, the boyfriend called and he’s working tomorrow. So I’ve got to find ways to entertain myself, like dancing with the broom, talk to the television, or maybe I’ll go shopping alone. We’ll see.

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