I went to have my haircut today and then went to Jusco for shopping. Bought myself a new bathing towel, ironing board cover, water sprayer and some groceries at the supermarket. After having bought the ironing board cover from Jusco Home Centre, the cashier didn’t return to me my Jusco card…which I only found out when I was shopping at the supermarket and I couldn’t find it when I went to pay at the cashier.

The cashier would always ask you for your Jusco card before you pay…so I told her I have it..but I couldn’t find it. And she then didn’t look very pleased when I don’t her I don’t have it..because I couldn’t find it and that the queue is long and I didn’t want the people to wait long.

She got the Jusco card from the lady queuing at the back of me and have my points accumulated into her card. I didn’t mind that since my Jusco card disappeared from me.

I thought very hard after leaving the cashier of where my Jusco card is…and then it suddenly came to my mind that maybe the cashier at Jusco Home Centre still has it. So, I walked there and approached the cashier. And there it was.

Packed lunch, went home, dived onto the sofa and CRIED.

Not because of the Jusco card but again I feel very bored and lonely. It’s very bad when you are out doing something and yet you still feel bored and lonely. I was actually waiting for his call to see if he would call. It’s always me that is calling him every weekend to ask if he’s working or he’s going to be free. This weekend, I am sort of tired of me always calling him and that the answer that I get isn’t the answer that I would like to hear.

When is this spell gonna end? All I want to do is to spend time with him.


  • cbenc12 says:

    gee.. i m sorry to hear that..
    if i am in ur position i wouldnt be calling him every weekend to see if it is free. i will plan my weekend around my friends, family and myself. and if he calls me after i plan, i would have tell him i am not available that weekend.
    it is not that i dont want to spend time wif him. but in order to make him appreciate me, he should take de inititiave to call me sometimes and make de plan instead. so if he knows u have ur own life too, he will try to take de initiative to plan earlier for de weekend.. i want him to cherish me too..
    u get what i mean?

  • Grace says:

    Thanks ben, I get what you mean. I don’t want to be a cry baby this weekend. 🙂

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