Stomach Cramps

This morning as I was driving out to work, the stomach cramps set in. The kind where you feel like shitting and the cramps comes and you got to stretch your leg or somehow stretch or shrink in some kind of a position to make the pain seem bearable. It normally goes away after a cramp or two but it just didn’t want to go away this morning.

And because of that I had to drive back home to use the toilet. It wasn’t easy trying to control the stomach cramps and controlling the car at the same time. I had to have my legs controlled in such a way that I would brake and accelerate normally but you know what? It was just so difficult just now and because of that I think I strained my veins or muscle. I don’t know what I strained actually but I know when I got to the office and when I was getting up from my seat, it hurt a little.

Anyway, I will be going back to Sandakan tomorrow. It’s a sudden decision made. I wasn’t actually planning to go back as I very much wanted to attend my colleague’s wedding this Sunday. I’ve planned to attend this as early as a month ago. Mum and dad are celebrating their wedding anniversary tomorrow night (actual day is Saturday) and Dad messaged me two nights ago if I can come back.

I just cannot reject that request of his because knowing my dad, he would get upset and I don’t want to upset him. Dad is the kind of person who takes special occasions and celebrations very seriously. For example, he makes sure he must do something on your birthday and likewise, he expects the same in return.

The other reason why I didn’t plan to go back was because I’m left with no annual leaves…so I’m actually taking unpaid leave. I was also planning to save up as much money as I can this month, it went smoothly until when I bought the air tickets to fly back home. RM650 disappeared just like that…something which I could have used to pay for my car service which is due in 10 more days. I know I shouldn’t be calculative to this point but I’ve realised that I’ve gotten stingier. Maybe as you work and you find that money is hard-earned and that living costs is going up and that it’s harder to save money, that’s how you would react.

Do you know that a box of HL milk, my favourite milk, is now RM4.40 instead of the usual RM3.99? I looked at the price tag with much disbelief. And the other day, he ordered a glass of iced milo in the Chinese coffee shop and it costs RM2. I dropped my jaw. A loaf of Gardenia bread was then RM1.90 and now RM2.10.

Do I sound like an auntie now?

Anyway, I should go get packing. It’s late but I’m still not done with the packing but I still have time to blog.

*hammers ownself*


  • charlene says:

    I used to drink HL milk a lot too. But after the price rising up, I don’t buy it as frequent anymore. Cant believe it goes up to RM 4.40 now. You know I only spend aud 2 for a litre of milk. That’s the maximum I can afford for milk. 🙂

  • cbenc12 says:

    my office provides free Dutch lady milk packets! Yeah!!!! but hor, once i change job, i need to pay my own milk jor..
    u still not back from sandakan yet?

  • Grace says:

    charlene: AUD 2 for a litre of milk is okay. I think I would still buy HL milk from time to time because I need my dose of nen nen. Else, the world macam tak jadi. Don’t know what I’m talking, maybe drank too much nen nen already.

    ben: How nice! Have never really been a Dutch Lady fan, maybe I should try it. Nevermind la, new job means more money…so can buy milk. Hehe.

    I’ve got back from Sandakan yesterday but too tired to blog. Should write something tonight.

  • silent_one says:

    Yes, everything seems to be so expensive now.

    No wonder people say that ‘money is always not enough’. A hard-earned monthly salary can be depleted in one single day, ehh? 🙁

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