Live & Loud KL 07 – Turn on the Pop

Live & Loud KL 07

The plan of the day was to stay home, drink boiled soup and just relax.

However, there was a twist to the above said plan.

At about 2 something, Pappy called, telling me someone’s going to send over 2 VIP tickets for Live & Loud KL 07 – Turn on the Pop concert at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Park. He got it from his business partner, who got it from his friend, who is one of the organisers. The boyfriend is not around and is not back from his work outstation. Had to quickly grab someone to go with me or the tickets will go to waste. Concert supposedly to start at 3pm as printed on the tickets..till late.

I managed to get Tim to come with me. Thank you Tim! 🙂

Went there at about 6 something and managed to find a parking spot at Securities Commission, Bukit Kiara where you got to pay RM10. No cameras were allowed and Tim had to walked back to his car to put his camera while I managed to sneak mine in. I escaped the first screening and I had to be checked the second time after Tim returned without his camera. The guy asked if I have a camera in my bag. I looked at him, smiled and said no. I escaped again this time but you know what? I didn’t dare to take out my camera after that. Didn’t want my camera to land in the hands of others, just in case I get caught.

And you know what? The tickets that I have actually cost RM1500 each. I was like 😮 . Pappy certainly didn’t tell me about it. It was the guy who tore my tickets that told me not to lose them because it’s RM1500. So you see, if I didn’t go and I had known about how much the tickets cost, I would have killed myself. But I’m glad I went!

What’s so special about the VIP tickets is that you get to sit instead of stand. You get an elevated view and you are higher than the ones standing on the field. It was an outdoor concert so it was nice to get an ocean view of the stage and the people standing below.

By the time we got comfortable settling down on our seats, Project Pop, a band from Indonesia was next in line to perform. I don’t know this group but I did tonight. Other performing artistes singing were Nikki, Mode, Azan (Ruffedge), Lah (VE) , Jaclyn Victor. Didn’t get to see Dina and Hannah Tan sing, guessed they sang much earlier before we arrived. Elliott Yamin of American Idol was there too with his hit song, “Wait For You”.

Anuar Zain totally took my heart away. He was so handsome and he sang so beautifully. I’ve never listened to him singing in English before as he usually sings in when he sang “Get Here” by Oleta Adams, it was just so good. I cannot believe it is him singing. This man can sing.

Noryn Aziz was stunning too with her rendition of “I Will Survive”. It ended with a medley by all the local artistes performing and they sang “That’s What Friends Are For” which is also one of my favourite songs.

Next on the list was Shaggy and I would say this was the best part of the concert. He was funny, entertaining and he made the crowd go wild, especially when he sang “Mr. Bombastic”.

By the time Whitney Houston made her appearance, it was already 12:30 midnight. Yeap, it was that late. Loved her purple dress and her daughter came along too, they sang “My Love is Your Love”. Whitney ended her performance with her classic – “I’ll Always Love You”. The crowd was asking for an encore and she did “I’m Every Woman” which ended the concert for the night.

By the time the concert ended, it was past 1:30am, about to hit 2 am and I’m one happy lady.

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