Making Pao

 Had the same breakfast I had yesterday. Told you I can eat this everyday.

Had lunch at Kampung Buli Sim Sim. That wasn’t my first choice as I had wanted to go to New Century Restaurant in Grandview. But they were closed at about 2 so the next nearest eating place is Sim Sim and so I went again to the same fish selling place. I’ve been here to buy fish with Mummy but I’ve never eaten at the restaurant next door so it’s good to try a new eating place.

After that, it was “pao” making session. Made “choi pao” (vege pao) with my mum. My first time learning how to make pao. It’s no fun doing it alone. Minimum to have 2 persons because it is a lot of work. What I enjoyed best was filling up the pao dough and wrapping it up into a bun.

Dinner was at New Century Restaurant. Yeah, I finally got to dine here. It is one of my favourite restaurants in Sandakan. Had starchy corn soup, clams, prawns, fish and Sabah vege (Shu zai choi), it is a kind of vegetables where you can find it when you eat your pan mee. Usually you only get the leaves but here we have it with the stem as well, which you normally won’t be able to find it in KL. The best part is actually the stem. Big and juicy.

I must say the dinner was so good, it makes me wanna cry. Haha.


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