Birthday Present for a One-Year Old Boy

I’ve never bought birthday present for someone as young as one year old. But I had to get something for my neighbour’s grandson as he celebrated his birthday today.

His mother told me about the party last night and invited me to drop by the poolside in the afternoon today. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend as I had my plans all laid out today. I was going for a movie and to catch up with my hometown mate whom I haven’t met for quite some time. I’ve even bought the movie tickets online so I had to stick to my plan.

But of course, I must get that little boy a pressie so I went to Jusco’s toys department. I think the last time I actually have a good look at a particular toy department was ages ago. It was pretty crowded today. With the school holidays, the weekend and Christmas coming, you see so many people getting gifts.

I managed to get a car set with 5 cars in it. It was quite fun hunting for gifts. I actually like hunting for gifts very much. At the cashier, people queueing in front at the back of me are parents buying toys for their kids. To my right, stood a pair of brother and sister. Little brother wanted to play with his sister but the sister just didn’t want to share the toy with him. So they were pushing and yelling and the little brother was wailing and pushing some more.

At the back of me stood a man who kept swinging the plastic bag he was holding towards my butt. Crazy!

Went to Jusco’s Customer Service Counter to get my present wrapped.

My friend was one hour late but it was alright as I spent that one hour walking around the toy department. We then had lunch at Vietnam Kitchen and I ordered the same thing I’ll order when I eat here, which is Beef Brisket with Tomato and rice.

Next, it was movie time. The Kingdom. It was pretty good.

I also got my belated birthday present today. A mug with a cow and it moos. Yea, my mug, it moos. It took me some time to discover how to make it moo. Also got a souvenir from Chiang Mai, Thailand, which opens up to a mirror and a place for you to store toothpicks. Hehehe. I’ll take a picture and show you probably tomorrow.

I love the decoration in the centre court of One Utama (new wing). There’s a big drummer boy standing there. Very nice! I would be going there again just to look at that drummer boy.

Come they told me, pa rum pum pum pum


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