To Buy or Not to Buy?

I’m searching for something that I can wear to my company’s annual dinner. We are required to wear traditional costumes other than that of Malaysian. The first thing that came to my mind was cheongsam but then it can be considered Malaysian too since you see them here.

So I asked someone in charge if it could be worn.

“Err….you can but you must not look like a Malaysian.”

Can you tell me how is that supposed to be?

Anyway, a few of my colleagues and I went to a place to look for costumes to rent but unfortunately they don’t have much choices available. I’ve got 3 more shops in my list though..that I can look for costumes to rent but it has got to wait since not everyone is free the remaining weekends in this month. The earliest free time available is actually the first weekend in January next year.

Either I wait for them or I go alone…say next week. I don’t know.

Went to The Curve today as well since the costume searching wasn’t fruitful, we found a few pieces of cheongsam. Red ones and a golden one. The red ones are below the knee length and there’s an “opening” in front. Forgive me with the choice of words used. I just can’t think of other words to describe it. The slit is behind.

The golden one is long, right up to the foot. No “opening” in front. There’s slits on both sides of it. This is the first time I’m actually trying on a cheongsam. I was very excited and the cheongsam looks really nice. Fits quite nicely on me I would say but there’s some tubby fat to be reduced. It’s ok when I stand…but it would be a bit suffocating when I have a full stomach and when I sit down with a full stomach.

The red ones cost RM170 while the long golden one costs RM200. And because I’ve never bought a dress so expensive in my life, I was hesitant. But I know cheongsam doesn’t come cheap. They come expensive. But still I’ve never bought a RM200 dress before so you know I was…a bit tak tentu arah.

And guess what? I’m wearing what I will be wearing to work tomorrow while writing this because I was actually trying on some tops to match with the skirt I intend to wear tomorrow and I have not taken them off yet.  Sometimes I do crazy things.

I’m off to bed now. You have a good day at work tomorrow.


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