It’s Hari Raya Haji today but I am working. I zoomed all the way to work because there was only a few cars on LDP at 8 in the morning. How nice is that?

And here goes the last page of the calendar month for 2007. Time flies, doesn’t it? I’m going to be 25 + 1 next year. *gulps*

December Calendar

This is a Christmas bear I got while dining at The Ship with Pappy last week. If you order the Christmas set, you’ll get this bear. It’s very nice to hold, the fur has got a nice, smoothy, touchy feeling. You can see me abusing it in the office.

The Ship's Bear

This bear now belongs to my colleague. I gave it to her because I seriously think I have too many toys at home. It’s a nice bear…I was a bit reluctant while I gave the bear away but I guess that’s the right decision. I’ll let someone else focus on the bear while I focus on the other toys that I have. On my bed itself, there’s 3. Foo Foo stands beside my pillow. Ducky usually goes sticking to my chest. Bebeki would need to find her way to get to me by struggling past Bebeki. Most of the time, she fails.

Now I just hope Pappy wouldn’t ask me the whereabouts of the bear. Sometimes I think I inherited the “kid-in-me” part from my dad. He buys a Tweety Bird and Bugs Bunny thumbdrive and he’ll come home and show you the catch he made. I don’t know where the thumbdrives went, he must have given it to someone. He doesn’t mind owning a light pink Nokia mobile phone. When I saw it, I went like this, “Mummy, you see…it’s PINK!”

I used to have this toy frog in my car. Pappy threw it away for me. I asked him why.

“It’s so ugly.” he said. “I’ll get you a dog.”

“Don’t need!”

“Why?” he asked.

“Because the one you bought last time was ugly! I have one toy dog at home, I’ll put it in the car.”

Anyway, after work to do, I zoomed to One Utama. No traffic jam except when you reach One Utama and while I was entering the car park, I wondered to myself if I’ve picked the wrong day and wrong time…but then I really wanted to come to One Utama today. I wanted to look at him…

Toy Soldier

When I saw him for the first time, he didn’t move. Today he did. He was moving his head from left to right and the little toy soldiers next to him were moving their heads while beating on the drum. It was just so nice. SO NICE!!!! SO NICE!!!!

Toy Soldier

You may click on all images to have a bigger view of it.

Toy Soldier

Toy Soldier

Toy Soldier

Toy Soldier

Dear Santa, do you like December just like I do?


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