Time to Stop Being Lonely!

I hate myself today. In fact, I hate myself this year.

If you’re in a very good mood today, please just skip this.

Woke up at 10am, just in time to watch the Korean series and right after that, I felt lost again. Called him and told him I was bored. In fact, I just wanted to talk a little longer with him. But as always, he always sound like he’s in a hurry to end the call.

“I call you later okay?”

And I just hung up without even saying ok or bye. I’m just so fed up. Because out of the 10 “I’ll call you later okay?”, he only calls 1 time. So, I really hate it when he says he will call me later.

And with that, I always make sure I call someone later if I said I’d call them later. Or at least apologise if you forgot about it. I know how it sucks just waiting for a call.


Didn’t think this is doing me any good so I watched a movie. Played on a DVD a friend gave to me. “I now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry”.

Slept on the very same sofa after I finished watching it.

Woke up and felt the same lost feeling.

Decided to go jog alone. It started to rain. Why?

Anyway, I’ll still go jogging alone just as soon as the rain stops. I need to get out of the house.


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