Feliz Navidad!

Went down to Times Square today as I have a date with my friend at 3pm at Sungei Wang. Jalan Dewan Bahasa was closed so I had to take an alternative route to get to Times Square and I seriously don’t know the way. I just simply drove around following signs towards Pudu and managed to reach Times Square at 3pm.

And do you know what time my friend came? After 5:30pm!! I waited for more than 2 hours and 30 minutes. The last time I went out with her, I waited for one hour. I think it’s a bit too much this time lah. I spent the entire 2 hours plus, walking in Times Square, scouring every floor and every shop that sells shoes and clothes.

By the time she came, I met her at Sungei Wang and I was in no mood to walk already. After about 15-20 minutes or so, I told her I’m going off. Another friend called up so I felt like having dinner with her and her group of friends.

But then it was raining so I couldn’t get to the other side. The rain looked like it wasn’t going to stop so I had to walk quickly under the rain to get to the overhead bridge that links to Times Square. There was no traffic jam and I went out with another group of friends at Taman Megah…at this restaurant that serves mainly bittergourd dishes. Quite nice.

When I came home, there was another road closure. This time it’s the staircase towards my house. A mother cat and her 3 kittens were resting on the staircase and I was walking slowly towards it, to tell her I come with no harmful intention. But she got up and starting hissing at me. Mother cats are usually fiercer when they have their small ones around them.

So I didn’t want to take the risk to be scratched at, I’ve tried that once already you see. I took another staircase leading towards another apartment unit and then got up using another staircase from the car park to my house.

I came back with something after walking alone while waiting for more than 2 hours, else..I think I would be so mad. I was mad but I was still able to talk to her in a nice tone and I was smiling. It’s Christmas so my mood is good and I wanted it to be good. This is what I got for myself. A pair of shoes. I had intended to get myself a black shoes but my eyes only recognise the colour white. White shoes attracts me very much. I’ve got a few collection of white shoes really. I hope this is the last white pair I’m getting myself.

White Shoes


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