Year End Sale.

I like!

I’m just in the mood for shopping. I guess it’s the Christmas mood, the holiday mood, the end of the year mood and the new year mood, all mixed up to give me that shopping mood.

I walked for about 6 hours today. Yeah, ladies don’t get tired when they go shopping. I bought myself a pair of black heels. The highest heel I have so far which stands at about 2.5 inches. I usually go for 1.5 or 2. I don’t really know how to walk in heels higher than that. This 2.5 is still fine but strictly only for dinners. I don’t think I can walk around at work with a 2.5 or maybe I can but my brain isn’t train to think that I can.

I bought a new swimming suit too, plus a goggle. My goggle suffered a sudden death and so I had to replace it. And with that, I gave myself excuse to get a new swim suit because the old one is a bit tight…which only means I’m growing or in other words, I’M GETTING FATTER. I like my new swim suit. Black too with a few flowers on the side.

Working skirts.


3 for RM10 earrings.

Bread for breakfast at work tomorrow.

Oh…and a little toy. You know the one that works with solar power? The one that nods its head. I’ve been craving for this for months. The usual ones are priced around RM39. Some 40 plus. Just last week, I saw a mini version of it and it is only RM19.80. BUT I still didn’t get it because I was still thinking whether I should. Today I felt like getting it but unfortunately there were only 2 left at the store I went to. There were other kinds of solar powered toys…like monkey, ultraman, hello kitty which I didn’t quite like. So, I could only choose between the remaining 2…and I chose a purple one.

And I only realised I was only charged RM8.90 instead of RM19.80 when I was out of the store, watching a musical performance. 😮

Pappy flew in today, only for 2 nights. Just to celebrate the new year with me. He was asking if I have any plans for new year’s eve. Supposedly, I had one but it was cancelled due to insufficient headcounts so I’m back to no plans. Don’t know if there’s any last minute plan but I just told Pappy that if he wanted to come over, then I will make myself with no plans…so that when he comes over, I’ll be dining or just spending time with him. Mummy is busy so she’s not here. She has been attending functions and birthday parties and more parties since Christmas. My mum is lucky because she married my Dad and my Dad always makes sure his ladies are happy. I am one of his ladies. 😉


  • silent_one says:

    I bought one of those solar-powered-head-shaking toys as well, coz it’s just so cute! (i know it’s weird hearing this from a GUY /:) )

    BTW, I bought myself a usual one at RM18.90 at Ipoh Parade…you should tell me that you’re interested so that I can buy for you mah~

    silent_one’s last blog post..c u t

  • Grace says:

    Yes, it is very cute and it makes you feel happy just looking at it.

    Next time when you see something cute, just buy one for me. :))

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