Happiness Is…#40

Solar-Powered Toy

looking at you!

Tell me how can you not be happy when you have this solar-powered shaking toy on your working desk?

His name is Sunny Boy.

And because it is so cute, Sunny Boy has been rotating on two of my colleagues’ desk. One colleague just came to my desk took it without asking me and placed it on her desk.  /:)


  • silent_one says:

    Wow, your solar-headed guy has such a HUGE solar panel…mine is so…ermm…tiny /:)

    Next time I’ll post up the picture of my solar guy as well,heh…

    silent_one’s last blog post..a n s w e r

  • Grace says:

    silent_one: Today I saw one solar-powered guy where it shakes its head and legs too. I remember seeing one which shakes both its head and hands too. Mine would only shake its head. It’s a mini version but I think I love him more and more with each passing day. eheheheh

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