Scheduled to leave at 6:15pm but received an SMS from a colleague who left office early at about 4:30pm, telling me he’s still stuck in Puchong. The traffic jam starts after Puchong toll and he hasn’t even reached IOI Mall. Must be one hell of a jam I must say.

So I went for dinner with a colleague who had to stay back till 9:30pm,waiting for her boyfriend who had to work late. We had dinner and I sent her back to the office. This time it was already 7:15pm.

Traffic was okay…smooth. After Puchong toll, it was still clear until you could see more cars ahead gradually. There were many cars but it was moving. Heard on the radio that there was an earlier accident in front of Tractors Malaysia that has been cleared. It was slow moving all the way from Sunway toll onwards..and the board said “Trafik Perlahan Sehingga Damansara Utama”. Kelana Jaya was worse..and the board said “Trafik Perlahan Sehingga Bandar Utama”. I think they should have put “Trafik Perlahan Sepanjang Lebuhraya. Sabar, ya?”

So what time did I reach home?

9 o’clock!

It always happen on the eve of a public holiday…and the best part is I’M WORKING TOMORROW!


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