CNY Day 4:

No more pics for now because the photos have got to wait till I get back to KL.

Had breakfast at 2020 and managed to catch another lion dance a few shops away. One thing sad was we only realised that there were lion dance performances at the basketball court, just in front of my house yesterday. There were no leaflets or notice that we got this time. But there was a banner hanging at the basketball court which was unfortunately obstructed by the trees in front of the house. That’s why we didn’t know there will be lion dance performance.

*A big sigh* because the Hokkien lion came and this is so hard to catch. Only one in Sandakan and I missed it! hu hu hu

Two friends came over to my house and then we went out for another yamcha session with other ex-schoolmates.

CNY mood is slowly toning down..

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