CNY Day 3: Lions!

Plan of the day was to visit the temple and along the way, we saw two lion dance performances. I asked Pappy to stop next to the road so that I could watch them.

This is the interior of Puh Jih Shih Temple, built on a hilltop, overlooking Sandakan Bay. Prayed for everyone and almost forgot praying for myself.

Pappy then brought me to Giant Hypermarket. The opening of this hypermarket was considered big, considering that we are just a small town. We have a few KFC outlets now but not a single McDonald’s in sight. Wonder when we’ll have McDonald’s.

The lions came to Giant too, roaming about the whole supermarket. Look at the colours of this lion. Green and gold. It matches the colours of Giant which is green and yellow. It zoomed by too fast. This is the best picture I have of it.

The night was spent at Jesselton Coffee. A new cafe in Bandar Indah Sandakan. The 8 of us, former scouts and girl guides gathered to have a chit-chat over Iced Chocolate and Iced Blended Green Tea. Jesselton is actually an old name for Kota Kinabalu.

This year’s yamcha session is very much limited as not all of my friends are back to Sandakan for Chinese New Year. This year was a bit quieter as compared to the last. I know you hear people saying this most of the time, every year…but this is the first year I’m actually feeling so. Maybe because I’m growing older..


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