Day 2: Chatuchak Weekend Market

Sawadee kap! 😀

It is shopping day!

We took a taxi to Chatuchak Weekend Market which took around 15 minutes and we reached about 9am. The taxi dropped us at the entrance of Jatujak Plaza and we then made our way into Jatujak Plaza to get to Chatuchak Weekend Market. Before that, we had breakfast and because everything was written in Thai, we had to point at what we wanted to order and pray that what we point is what we get. 😛

Walking around Chatuchak Market was a bit like walking in a maze. Even though we had a free directory, we kept walking to the same place again. So much so that we actually gave up hope of looking at the map. Some clothing items were very cheap, so cheap that you don’t know if you should bargain or if so, how much should you bargain it for.

Managed to find ourselves in the pet section and I saw bunnies. Bunnies wearing clothes…but then we were not allowed to take I won’t be able to show you the bunnies that I saw.

We left the market at about 4pm. By then, we were all hot, sweaty and sticky!

This time around, we were cheated by the taxi driver who drove us home. When we came, it only costs us THB150. But when we went back from Chatuchak, the taxi driver didn’t want to follow the metre and demanded for THB360. And because he was saying how jammed it is and all, we believed him. But in actual fact, there wasn’t any jam because it’s a Saturday. No jams on weekend. Considering that this was our first day out to Bangkok by ourselves, we just took it as a learning experience.

We went home to rest and take a bath before heading to Sofitel Silom Bangkok for a buffet dinner. My colleagues have got a complimentary meal voucher for 2…so I tagged along and being the extra person, it was chargeable and the bill was then divided among us.

Next, we walked to Patpong which was just a stone’s throw away, taking glances of scantily clad girls dancing inside go-go bars. And as you walk along Patpong, there’ll be guys asking you if you want to see shows. There’s a list of pussy shows and one of them was Pussy Ping-Pong. I have no idea what is that. Then, there’s this guy who came along with a list, accompanied with illustrations. One female, two female, one male and one female and etc.

We then went for a Thai Massage. Foot massage to be exact but it wasn’t really good as it wasn’t painful at all. We managed to have another foot massage session on the next day…but I’ll leave that in the next entry.

This is the view overlooking Bangkok city from where we stay. Awesome I know.

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