Day 1: City of Angels, Here I Come!

I was feeling quite tired after work as I didn’t had enough sleep the night before. Took a taxi to LCCT after dinner and waited for our flight to Bangkok. The flight was earlier retimed one hour later than scheduled. When we were in the departure hall, there was another announcement saying that the flight will be another half an hour late. In the end, we flew close to 12 midnight instead of 10:20pm. By the time we landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport, it was already 2 something. And for the first time in my entire flying life, my luggage came out first! It was jumping out happily from the luggage belt. Looks like my luggage is excited as I am!

We put up at my colleagues’ friend’s condo near Central Rama 3, located about 39 kilometres from the airport. A nice and cozy place. We had earlier booked a triple room at a hostel but cancelled it at a very last minute.

We talked for a little while about our plans for the next day before falling asleep.

On a sidenote, Bangkok is also known as Krung Thep, which means City of Angels.

More tomorrow. 🙂

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