Job Hunting

Now that my swollen gum has subsided. My left eye is beginning to swell. It’s like I’m going through a swelling phase.

Went to Mid Valley today for a movie and to have a look at Jobstreet’s Career Fair. It was really crowded and we had to squeeze our way through. Nevertheless, it was interesting. I deposited a few resumes here and there. Will be depositing more when I finish digesting the leaflets I brought back with me today. There are just so many helpdesk, support, customer service jobs around. So, if you love jobs like that, the career fair is a paradise.

Of course, you’ll get the feeling that your resume is just going to disappear to thin air after submitting them because that was the impression I get. But, we should always be hopeful. Aside from having a list of competencies, you need some luck when applying for jobs.

Hokay, my eye is indeed beginning to swell. I should head to bed.


  • gracieq says:

    Hehe…my company has a booth in the Expo part which is at the other side of the convention centre. 🙂

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  • Timothy Low says:

    Hello … so how was the Job Fair … crowded I presume? Anyway, I laughed when I saw your previous post on people thinking Sabahans live on trees. Well, I lived in Sabah once upon time and yes, my friends too thought I lived in the trees. Especially when I live in Kota Belud … every morning I wake up and open my front door, I see Mount Kinabalu right in front, Majestically standing these. It’s fresh air all around. Missed those days though. :)>-

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  • Grace says:

    gracieq: So were you there as well? 🙂

    timothy: Hello! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by. The job fair was crowded. Everyone’s looking for a job!

    To wake up every morning to the sight of Mount Kinabalu is serene. What were you doing in Sabah anyway?

  • gracieq says:

    Hehe…yup, I was there. 🙂 Have to take care of the booth on Saturday.

    I’m gonna be in KL Convention Centre the whole of Sunday for the PC Fair. My company is partnering with another company for a booth there. 🙂

    gracieq’s last blog post..My first published writing

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