Today is the 11th of April

After depositing a few resumes during the recent career fair, I actually got a phone call 2 days after the fair ended and the next thing I know, I went for an interview today. It was too fast, it’s scary. Hehe.

Took half day on today for an interview session in the morning. Took me an hour to reach the place because there was an accident and thus the traffic jam. I was praying very hard in the car so that I’ll get to the interview venue on time, after seeing that I had to wait for at least 4 traffic lights to go green before my car could actually pass that stupid traffic light.

And when I got there, I was driving in circles because I was looking for the exact building. And when I finally found it, I parked my car at the open space parking area (thinking I got very lucky) and went right up for the interview.

As I was sitting down, someone entered the office and asked if I was here for an interview. She asked if my car plate number is so and so and claimed that I was parking at her slot. I apologised and then hurried down to re-park my car and contacted HR that I’ll be another 10-15 minutes late. The thing is that there wasn’t any reserved word painted on the parking box or any car plate number sign hanging around. It was just an open space parking so it was just impossible for someone new to actually know the parking belongs to someone. Whatever it is, I know she was pissed. But so am I.

I then looked for a parking further up. There was some space but it was a bit too far to actually walk from there. I settled with parking at a building opposite to where I was going for interview. I was late already and that was the best available choice then.

I sat for a test and then waited to be interviewed. I was asked whether I was interested in a position which I wasn’t told of earlier. I wasn’t so someone else from another team came in after that to interview me. I was starting to feel cold, bored and restless when I waited for about 30 minutes, staring into blank wall and my clear folder before the interviewer came.

The interview didn’t went well and I thought it was quite a disgrace too because for the first time, I actually had to say, “I’m sorry. I don’t know the answer.” when I was thrown a few technical questions. I really felt so bad. And from then on, my voice sounded like it’s stuck in the throat, I began to feel small and suddenly I just wasn’t interested anymore.

After the interview, went to take my car and guess what? A car was parked very near to mine. My car was parked vertically next to a pillar and the other car parked horizontally next to a wall behind of my car..which isn’t a parking space to begin with. Knew straight away it’s going to be tough reversing out…and as much as I would like to curse, I patiently reversed in and out for at least 6 times till I get the right angle before I safely get my car out of the parking slot.

Drove home and was still trying to come to terms with what happened during the interview awhile ago. I just felt lousy lah and felt like doing crazy things like sticking my face to the wall, walk around the house and talk to myself.

After lunch, I went back to work and suddenly the question came ringing to my head of whether I should just stay put here since it’s safe and relaxed and hassle-free….but I don’t think I’m gonna give up just yet.


I’m just tired today. Good night and Gracie, don’t feel too bad. Take this as a learning experience. At least, you managed to reverse your car out today.



  • charlene says:

    Hi Gracie,

    You very ‘geng’ lar, as in you managed to reverse your car put in that situation. I don’t think I can do it though. What i can do will be just stoning in there because my driving skills sucks!

    Jia you Gracie.

    Always with you.:x

    charlene’s last blog post..Apologies don’t cure

  • Grace says:

    Charlene, I almost gave up lah. But I cannot be stoning else I might need to wait till the cows come home before the driver of the other car appears. So I tried and tried and I was so relieved after that.

  • silent_one says:

    Grace,don’t worry too much bout the interview. I understand how you feel as I myself have experienced the exact same thing during one of my previous interviews (minus the car reversing, of course!)

    It all comes down to one’s instincts when choosing your career path , as I always believe, and do what you must.

    All the best, dear friend.

    silent_one’s last blog post..m e m e

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