Blessing in Disguise

and so, life goes on.

The Bali trip is not going to happen and I’ve come to terms with it. I guess when God takes something away from you, He gives something back to you.

I attended 2 interviews today and after each interview, I received an email (during lunch) and a phone call (while I was driving home after my 2nd interview), for an interview invitation. Quite speechless but I’m also very happy.

In fact, today is one of the more interesting days so far. First interview venue was just 5 minutes drive away from my house. It’s just so near! Got interviewed by the Managing Director which I only realised towards the end of the interview. There was a test that I needed to sit at the end of the interview. I was asked to write and draw. To nail this, I would need to go through a 2nd interview, that is if I made an impression today to get a second chance.

Went home for lunch and checked my email. Ta da!!

Left after lunch to my next interview session and I was glad I arrived 45 minutes ahead to give myself ample time to look for parking. This place is a nightmare for parking and as I’ve expected, the place that I wanted to park was full so I had to park somewhere further. Walked downhill and then uphill and then ended up in a maze. Called the office for direction. Got on the correct lift and reached at the right floor. More maze but I managed to find the place. Was sweating as I sat waiting at the sofa, calming and cooling myself down.

To nail this, I also need to go through a second interview. That is also if I made an impression today to get a second chance.

As I was walking towards the car park, it was drizzling. I’m particularly very sensitive to the sound of the motorcycle when I walk alone and there were a few times where I had to turn around to make sure no motorcycle was tailing me. It’s hard really to get out of the grip from something that has haunted you before. I don’t feel a sense of security walking alone, especially when it’s accompanied with the sound of a motorcycle and the area is with no I’ve been mugged before. Anyway, when I saw my car, I actually ran towards it. The car park is quite secluded and there will be practically no one hearing my scream even if I wanted to. But maybe it wasn’t so dangerous lah but sometimes it’s better to be paranoid than to be ignorant.

Both the interviews today made me feel much better than the first one I had a few weeks ago. Aku rasa SHIOK hari ini. Tapi tak boleh terlalu shiok sebab ada 2 lagi aku kena prepare.



  • cbenc12 says:

    i know exactly how u feel when u heard a motorcycle sound, even from far away and you are walking alone. i have the bad experience twice, de first time they are successful and the second time i got away..
    now i am simply paranoid. my heart would beat fast whenever i heard one coming from the back! >_<

  • silent_one says:

    You’re really one strong, positive minded young lady, Grace. Total opposite from my own character, I should say.

    Seems like you’ve been doing quite well for your interviews. All the best for the upcoming ones and hope you’ll get the job you wanted.

    silent_one’s last blog post..t o r t u r e

  • Grace says:

    ben: Once is enough for me and I really hope not to encounter anymore bad experiences like that. :-s

    silent_one: I’m not always strong and positive-minded but I’m trying to be because I can be a total opposite too on some days.

    Thank you. I hope you’ll get a better job too. Just hang in there while you finish your last month in your current company.

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