Cleaning Sunday

Woke up at 8:30am because Mummy and I had agreed to clean the house this morning. Delegation of task began when Mummy asked if I wanted to vacuum or mop. I let her chose what she preferred instead.

“Okay, you vacuum and I mop. Then, we each get to choose which of the 2 toilets we want to clean.”

Of course, I chose my favourite toilet!

Then, I brought her for breakfast where she ordered her favourite Char Kuay Teow which she claims is the best Char Kuay Teow. I don’t fancy Char Kuay Teow that much but I ordered one as well just to check out what the fuss about this best-char-kuay-teow claim is all about.

Headed to The Curve where Mummy got to enjoy an hour of Thai Massage by just topping up RM20 on top of the free voucher that we wanted to redeem for a 15-minute foot reflexology. While she enjoyed her massage, I headed off to Borders to read. Gracie loves being in massages too but I’m just a little broke right now to enjoy little luxuries like that. I’ve spent enough on a hair treatment packages which comes in 10 treatments. I don’t usually do this too but I think I’ve just found my ultimate dream hairdresser. She knows my hair when she looked, touched and cut it. My woes have been addressed.

It is hard to find someone who is able to pinpoint every single thing I’ve been wanting to tell someone who cuts hair. My hair is stubborn. Let’s just say I trust her enough to have her do anything to my hair. I think she knows how to beautify me.

Now let’s go back to Borders, was flipping through some books and then went to the music section and was listening to love songs by Barry Manilow. Bread’s “If” was among the selected tracks, also something I sang during the karaoke session I had yesterday with my colleagues to celebrate birthday for one of them. I just love this song. One of my colleagues cringed when she looked at my selection of oldies on the screen. Oldies are nice lah!

Pappy flew in today and so the three of us will be watching Thomas Cup Finals tonight.

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