Lou Lou, Skip to My Lou

An ex-colleague spent overnight at my place and we had a short session of pillowtalk. She had an interview to attend the next morning and the interview location was near to my house and far from hers so she decided to put up at my place for one night.

I myself had an interview session to attend in the afternoon too. It was my 3rd interview. Two interviews are enough to crack my head so when I was heading for this 3rd one. I didn’t know what else I had to prepare and I just don’t know what other questions they will be asking me, considering that I think they’ve asked all questions that I can imagine they would.

I was very early, so early that I had to loiter a while in the toilet, the final place where I tell myself to be calm and steady before I head up to the office to be interviewed. It was still very early then even after I’ve loitered in the toilet as long as I could. 😀

I decided to just go up instead and waited about an hour before the interview started. The interviewer was 30 minutes late while I was 30 minutes ahead of the interview session, which makes it about an hour waiting. But it was fine with me as I was accompanied with reading materials and magazine.

The good news is I got the job. 🙂

When the interviewer wanted to pass me his business card, he brought me to where my future department is and I met someone who also interviewed me during the 2nd interview and she asked me how the interview went.

I told her it went well and I was offered the job.

I don’t remember exactly what she said. Maybe it was “Good.” “Congratulations” but one line she said after that was, “This is a great place to be.”

It immediately cured all my heartaches and problems.

You know when I rejected the job offer I got about a week ago and then rejecting the 2nd interview of another company, I still didn’t know if I stand a chance to get this offer but was hoping hard I would. And when I was finally offered a position here, things somehow fall into place. One part of me tells me my job hunt has ended. I don’t know for sure if this is the right decision I’ll be making because the previous two employers who called me did mention about a good career path that the job they offered provides. So it’s really to me up to decide what’s best for myself. When I got this offer, I wasn’t feeling like what I felt previously.

So I think it’s a sign lah. I don’t really know how to explain but when something is right, it just feels right.

I was asking for a reply for another position as well who said they would reply by this week. I’ve been waiting for a reply for more than a week already. But whatever the reply may be, I think I’m just going to settle with this one.

When I came home, I practically skipped as soon as I got out from the car.

I must thank my new pair of shoes which had seen the light the very first day when I wore it out for my first interview this time around, bringing me places, letting me meet people, talking to people that gave me lots of advice and insights. Of course, I’ve got to thank my mum who I think have raised me up well or else I won’t be listening to people telling me they like my attitude and I’d be lousy if she hasn’t been a little strict on me.

I would also like to thank my dad who stubbornly insisted that I should be sent to a Chinese school even though Mummy was worried about that decision of theirs. You have another door opened for you if you know an extra language.

And now it’s time to type that resignation letter.


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