Today is self-maintenance day. I went for facial and I was so lucky to find a parking place in a middle of a painfully-hard-to-get-parking area during a everyone-is-working-except-for-gracie day. 😛 After that, I went home and cooked lunch. I’m just trying to eat home as much as possible and it’ll do my braces good. Each time I eat, I have to rinse at least or best brush my teeth..so eating at home is the best thing I can do.

After getting my face done, I felt like cutting my hair also. It is thick and bushy so it needs a little loving treatment. So I spent 3 hours in the saloon. The hairdresser even showed me the image of my scalp and it’s not nice and not very healthy. I have a sensitive scalp, can see red spots and blocked hair pore by stubborn oil gland which is causing hair loss and dankdruff. 🙁  I want to treat this before it gets worse.  I think the skin of my face is the same as my hair scalp. Due to long hours spent in the saloon, my initial plan to watch movie alone after my haircut had to be postponed.

Need to do some personal errands tomorrow before I start my new job on Monday. I’m glad I have at least a few days off else I think it’ll be quite hard starting a new job immediately. Tried that before last time. Not nice.

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