Starting to Feel Bored…

The only productive thing I did today was to boil myself a pot of green bean soup. Yesterday was fun. I kinda enjoyed the short break that I have before I start the new job. But today, I woke up earlier than yesterday. Drove to the new workplace using another route that I’ve never taken before. Counted the kilometres and time spent to get there without being stuck in a traffic jam. So far, it’s still okay. Nearer as compared to my previous workplace but I’m not very sure about the traffic jam part. Initially I had wanted to just drive out like any normal working day just to test the traffic condition…but I just couldn’t wake up at 7 lor.

Then I went driving around using another route and had wanted to collect a prize I won after submitting the entry for a women’s magazine. I called up as I wasn’t able to locate the exact building on the correct road I was along but only to discover that I couldn’t collect it today as the person in charge was out of office. Man! Now I don’t know how I’ll be collecting it since they are not open during weekends and I’ll be starting work again next week.

After that I came home and felt so helpless. I was feeling bored. I think it’s good that I don’t have too long a break before the new job, unless maybe if I spent the time going somewhere else for a holiday. I like to be at work in someway. At least it keeps me occupied. It’s weird but when we work, we want days off but when we get days off, we can’t wait to go back to work.

Tomorrow I really hope I will get to lift my bum so that it would trigger my hands to clean the house.


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