Satisfying Saturday

Breakfast: A glass of water.

Walked out to pay management fee, walked to the bank to deposit a cheque, walked to a shop to get some apples, oranges and old cucumber (????.

Breakfast #2: Apple and orange juice.

Boiled chicken + old cucumber + tomatoes + a pinch of salt soup. Steamed otak-otak which I discovered from the freezer. I’ve not been peeping into my freezer for a good 2 weeks already! Otak-otak is from Muar and by just looking at the frozen otak-otak is enough to make me drool. FYI, today’s the first day I am actually taking something slightly spicy and today is the first day I actually ate rice after putting on the braces for 2 weeks. and FYI, I’ve lose 2 kgs during these 2 weeks.

Told myself I must clean the house after lunch.

I ended up watching TV, which was a convenient thing to do as I was eating lunch while watching TV.

Told myself I must clean the house after watching TV.

I ended up sitting in front of the computer.

Told myself I must clean the house after surfing the Internet.

I ended up going into my bedroom, flipped open a novel and read it.

Told myself I must clean the house after reading the book.

I ended up SLEEPING!!!!

Told myself there is nothing else for me to do but to clean the house.


But I hate the new mop. It’s heavy and long and makes me “bongkok” even more because I was mopping in full force, so much so that I was just dragging the mop here and there when it almost ended.

Dinner: Otak-otak and rice again. And my brilliant soup. It’s brilliant because it’s the first time I actually boil this. My first time buying an old cucumber without my mum and I just don’t know if it’s good because the skin makes them look old anyway. Brown. And I actually called mum asking her how to cut the old cucumber and when I called her, I told her I bought wintermelon instead of old cucumber. I don’t know why I always get this two jumbled up. But anyway, when I called her, I had already finish cutting the old cucumber so whatever way I need to cut the old cucumber didn’t really matter anymore.

Dinner #2: More soup!

While was drinking soup, I saw AOF PONGSAK on TV. Man, he’s gorgeous! When being interviewed of which love song is his favourite, he named my favourite song “Tang Karng Lung Taloo Teung Hua Jai”. See, I’ve got good taste.

Watched ??????2. I love this a lot. I love singing competitions.

Went down to throw rubbish. A cockroach appeared in front of me while I dumped the rubbish.

Blogging this.

Listening to Aof Pongsak’s favourite song, which also happened to be my favourite song. Tee hee!

Saw a huge cockroach roaming above the curtain.

Grabbed Shieldtox and killed it. Shieldtox never fails me when it comes to killing cockroach. Just make sure the aerosol spray is meant for killing cockroaches else I don’t think it will work that well.

Hoping I don’t die like the cockroach, judging from the amount I just sprayed because I wanted to make sure it is dead. I cannot tolerate the idea of a roaming cockroach when I see one in the house. Maybe I should have just killed the cockroach I saw at the rubbish bin downstairs. Could be this one that just visited me in the house. But I’m not sure. This one looks bigger than the one downstairs. Maybe it grew instantly after seeing my rubbish. Okay, I’m not making any sense now.

Chatting on MSN. Wait, they are all guys! woo hoo!

I’m sorry. This is what happens when one spends too long at home but you know what? I actually enjoyed my day.

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