Gumpy Sunday

Had lunch at Bubba Gump, The Curve. A treat from beloved ex-colleague.

Reminds me of my blog when I was dining there because there’s this sign “Run, Forrest, Run” and “Stop, Forrest, Stop” that you can flip, whenever you need help/assistance from the waiters. “Run, Forrest, Run” means you do not need help. “Stop, Forrest, Stop” means you want one of them to “stop” at your table to serve you. Nice!

Thank you Ying! >:d<


  • Ying says:

    Maybe we can open a “Bunny Gump” then there’s a sign “Run, Bunny. Run” to flip on every table :)) But we don’t serve bunny meat coz we love bunny, rite? :d/

  • Grace says:

    But there will be bunny hopping around serving customers and we only serve carrots. hahaha

  • Ying says:

    Sounds great…then Foo Foo can be captain…hahahaha

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