Happy Birthday, Daughter

Dearest Grace,

When you were little, you filled so many lives with sunshine…

It was so much fun to watch you grow up and discover the world around you…

And now that you’re a teenager, it’s just as much fun getting to know

the lovely young woman you’re becoming.

But no matter how much time goes by,

in a very special way, you’ll always be our “little girl.”

so special…

and loved so very much.

Read the above again and tell me what’s wrong. I was reading and I cannot help but laugh. The line that says, “And now that you’re a teenager”.

It’s one day early but Pappy flew in to KL today, just to celebrate the big day with me tomorrow. My pappy is some man, isn’t he? I think this kind of man is already extinct in this world because I still can’t find one. The one thing I feel very grateful towards my dad is the emphasis he places on his family. He takes every single occasion seriously. Birthdays have to be acknowledged and celebrated. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a big birthday bash or a simple dinner with just the four of us, or more recently, just Pappy and me. He just wants to make sure he’s there to celebrate the big day with you.

*sniff sniff* Rasa macam nak nangis.

I’ve never had any big birthday parties. It has always been dinner with the family or friends treating me lunch/dinner. I prefer it that way…or maybe I haven’t got a chance to have a big party to know if I like it or not. But..I think I still prefer a small crowd. I don’t know what Pappy will do tomorrow. He’s the total opposite of me. He likes the crowd. I hope he doesn’t do anything funny. Me scared. Do you know what he’s doing now while I type this? He’s trying to arrange my stuff. I don’t know why but I’ll let him.

But I think I know why, IT’S MESSY! hahahaha

And I’m still listening to Duffy’s Warwick Avenue. How can you not like this song and her unique voice?

Back to the birthday card, it was both signed by Pappy and Mummy.

In the car while I drove Pappy to dinner, “Pa, I’m a teenager.”


“I’m a teenager, that’s what the card said. Didn’t you read?”

“No, I didn’t read it. Your mum bought the card.”

I figured so too. 😀

And she got me a bag.

Pappy was very cute also. He placed the card and the bag on my bed. Foo Foo, my little toy rabbit was standing on top of the card, on the bed. So when I went into the room after I came home from work today, I was like  “Wah!”. Foo Foo, what are you doing there?

Aww…Foo Foo has got a pressie for me.


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