1st Appointment

Went to have my first “official” appointment with the dentist after I’ve gotten the braces because the last time I went, it was exactly one week after he put on the braces for me and all he did was to check if I’m doing okay. So this time around I was expecting it to be long and maybe painful but it was so fast, I wanted to ask the dentist why it is so fast.

He said it is progressing well and he’d just change the wire into a harder one and I won’t be able to feel it…I mean any pain.

Yeah, so now, I’ve gotten used to the braces. The only time I hate it is after meals but it depends on what I eat. My tongue…is getting well trained day by day. It is good in wiping off the leftovers that I have on my braces/teeth in cases where brushing is not convenient. So if ever you find me very quiet after a meal, please understand that it is not that I do not like to talk to you but because I think I have something stuck that might scare you away when I open my mouth too wide.

A friend told me that she enjoyed and missed the days when she had her braces on. I don’t know if I’ll miss the days when I finally get the braces off but I know it is a process I’d have to go through for a better future.

Ya. I don’t know if I’ve ever written about this but let me tell you that, somewhere sometime ago, I read that your set of teeth tells much about your life. For example, if your set of teeth is berliku-liku, your life is also berliku-liku. That is not the sole reason why I went for braces. But I’m just writing this so that each time I think about how troublesome this braces thing is, I will remind myself that my future-straight-set-of-teeth will do me some good.

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