Road Block Again!

Early in the morning, I’ve already got a headache. Another unexpected traffic jam just as I come out of my housing area. The first thing that came to my mind wasn’t the possibility of a car accident..but I came to think about Mr. A and his supporters. And I was right. ANOTHER ROAD BLOCK. Along Sprint Highway, opposite of Eastin Hotel. Instead of just blocking one lane like they did the other day, today they blocked TWO lanes and I was LATE TO WORK. I drove for ONE HOUR which what could have took only 30 MINUTES.

Tomorrow I’ve got to wake up earlier because I don’t know if there will be another road block. Sometimes I don’t understand how blocking a road would help deter a protest. I mean people can still go through the hassle of a traffic jam and still can gather and protest, right? Can someone please tell me how a road block can help break a protest? Does the car of a protester look any different than the rest of the cars? Or can the police recognise the protesters by looking at the drivers? Trust me, the police aren’t even looking.

Enough of rant.

Other than the road block, I had quite a fun day. A treasure hunt session at one of the malls. Now I’ve got a pair of sore legs. Then, dinner session with two friends, which was nice.

And now I’m very sleepy. So good night and may you have a rockin’ Friday!


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