Someone Cute

The first important thing I want to tell you is I saw someone cute today.

The next important thing I want to tell you is that I had dinner with the ex.

Then I realised we are just friends and that’s how it’s going to be. Not that I only realised this today but the mind reinforced this statement to me again today. It’s a good thing.

Tell me do you look at a guy and see/imagine you being with him, married to him and then think about whether you can or cannot live with him? I do that a lot, when I see someone that interests me or when i see someone that disgusts me a lot. Or just someone with so kind a heart, you can’t help wondering how nice it is if you can be someone with such big heart. It doesn’t necessarily need to be imagine the whole him but just maybe one of his character and you picture that character into an imaginary, non-existent person. ( Am I talking Greek now? Sorry, but it’s hard to describe something so abstract and unless you like imagining like me then you’ll know what I’m talking about.)  Even when I’m attached, the mind will just slip away for a while and just imagine. I just want to know if I’m normal. Can you girls out there tell me if you do this too? Or if the guys do this too?

The last important thing I want to tell you – that someone cute is a guy. 😀


  • cc says:

    Me me! Totally get what you mean. Used to do the same thing too!. The what ifs. Still do a little sometimes, shh… don’t tell my husband. LOL :p

  • cbenc12 says:

    hahhahaha its normal.. many a times i find myself in the situation where there is this sweet nice guy and i imagine that i can love him and we can have a good life togehter.. but we cant.. coz i got a bf =S
    and then i start to think , wont it be so nice if i can love so many at the same time.. yah its bad.. but i wont do it la. just think nia 😛

  • uncle says:


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