I came home last night to find myself looking all over the house for junk food. This is a very obvious sign to say that I’m stressed and not quite happy and need junk food to make me feel happy again when in fact, what it does is making me feel more junky after that.
I think I need to start to sign up for Yoga classes already, been telling that to myself since the start of the year and look, now it’s almost coming to the end of the year.
I need to get some Japanese green tea too. The one thing I regretted not getting from Japan for myself is GREEN TEA. Iris and Mummy did get green tea for themselves, except for me. I was more into looking for cute souvenirs and cute food so I wasn’t really paying attention in getting green tea and I wasn’t too much of a green tea fan. I know it’s a healthy drink but I wasn’t so crazy about it.
But I’m crazy about it now. I got this free sample from Purple Cane and there was this little leaflet inside which listed out the benefits of drinking green tea. The first one was it improves body metabolism, reduces spots and PIMPLES. I will make it a habit of drinking green tea every afternoon in the office. Now, I need to hunt for good green teas.
I am in love with Himalaya A-N-P Cream (Acne and Pimple Cream) because for some reason, my pimples are beginning to fade and I need my face to co-operate with me until the end of this weekend the very least because I need to be in tip-top condition.
My skin is kinda hard to understand. It is of combination type which means it can be oily and yet dry at the same time. When you have pimples, it’s normal to think that it’s due to oily skin but we often overlooked the fact that it could be due to dry skin as well. Why? Because when the skin is dry, it produces oil/sebum to “moisturise” itself but this kind of sebum is the clogging kind so therefore, it clogs the pores and what do you get? MORE PIMPLES!
The trick here is to control oil and at the same time ensure that the face is well-hydrated.

More “floating through life” feeling surfacing for the past few weeks. It is going to be a tiring weekend, starting from Friday morning. After work, I’ll need to attend a bachelorette party. Friend is getting married the next day. And we’ll be waking up pretty early as all the jimui-s would have to gather by 7:30am. This is even earlier than going to work. Then I’ll only be having a few hours of break then off I go again to Klang for the wedding dinner. I guess I’m the driver with 3 passengers following and I have no idea how to get to Klang and so shall depend on wisdom as and when I’m on the road.

Will need to play host as friends are staying over. I’m gonna attend another wedding dinner the next day. This time right smack in the middle of KL city and I have no idea of how to get to that restaurant and need to play driver for another colleague and I have no idea of how to get to her house but I shall sort it out.

Just thinking about the driving is enough to kill me, especially on a Friday evening after work. Makes me wanna cry. But I oughta be excited and happy la because I can get to dress up. I’m the kind of person who needs time to relax or in a state where my mind is able to digest what I’ll be doing so that I won’t feel so tired.

Mummy is leaving tomorrow and I’m in this mode of happy and sad. Happy that I will get more time for myself. There are things that you just can’t do or things that you can do but you will always be thinking and pleasing your mom because you want to make her happy so you try to fulfil the best that you can.

Sad that I was already missing her a few days before today and I won’t come back home to have someone to talk nonsense with.

And when Mummy is flying back, the nagging starts and it’ll go on a lot. Just absorbing those facts kills some of my brain cell. And as always she cooked up a storm and was telling me I’ll have enough of food supply for 2 weeks. This is the part where it’s never going to change. Her overcooking and me having trouble finishing those food……but I will try because if I don’t finish them, I’ll get another round of good nagging. I don’t know and I hate to say this but sometimes I really feel tired of eating, and finishing food even though I’m already very full but I just have to sumbat some more into my stomach because my mum keeps pushing the food to me. This I call….eating pressure. Because if I don’t…I kena scold again. Aduh.

You feel tired just reading what I’m writing, right? Because I’m so tired writing this but I still have to write this because that is the only personal space I have for now before I go insane again before the weekend comes.

I need STRENGTH and a SMILING FACE. My face now is so gloomy, it can start a storm. Something in my life is missing and I really mean it’s missing because I feel LOST again.

This will end abruptly. Thanks.


  • cbenc12 says:

    what food did ur mum cook that can last for 2 weeks?
    looks like a busy weekend.. have a happy one and try enjoy urself.. 🙂

  • Grace says:

    All sorts. Fried rice, chicken, sambal and I can’t even remember. All in the freezer.

  • cbenc12 says:

    is it good to store food so long? it is like leftover.. wouldnt be too healthy..but heck, i wish my mum would do that too so i wouldnt wonder what to eat for dinner again tonight! i hate thinking of wat to eat.. yday night, i reached home at 8pm, so i had a gui-ling-gou (from pasar malam), a fuji apple, some almonds and a yakult and some dried-honeyed-strawberry.. see, i am eating crap coz i am too lazy too cook and too lazy to buy.. =(

  • Mousyusy says:

    Get the green tea from a stall called Nishio..we saw it in MidValley lower ground remember? that’s very nice!

  • Grace says:

    ben: It isn’t good. Been telling my mum but it’s of no use. Think I’ve argued with her over a thousand times over this but she insists to cook and store it. So all I can do is eat as fast as I can. I understand..the feeling of not knowing what to eat after a long day at work but at least your so-called meal is still considered healthy. Better than taking Maggi mee.

    mousy: Yes…when I get there.

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