The Girl Who Cooks and Cries

Due to the lack of sleep last night (stubbornness of wanting to finish off a blog entry), I felt like a zombie at work today. I can label it the sleepiest day so far working here.

When I came home, it suddenly felt like the house is quieter than usual. I switched on the computer and read blogs that I didn’t get to read for so many days. Then, I didn’t quite have the mood to have dinner. Next, I went lying on the sofa and then I got up and decided to make do with mum’s cooked food which is stored in the refrigerator. And when I was re-heating the yam rice, I was crying as I stir the rice. It was so pitiful, I wasn’t quite sure what happened to me.

Then I continued pouring more tears when I sat down on the chair in the kitchen, holding that bowl of rice while waiting for the soup to boil. Finished my bowl of rice and then drinking the soup as I chat with a friend online. I felt better.

And the only reason I can gather for the reason I cried is that, after Iris has gone back, I didn’t really cry that pitifully because I still had Mummy around and when Mummy flew back a few days ago, I had my friends and my days were filled with activities, attended weddings and all so today is the official day where it all falls back to the quiet house again. I didn’t even have the time to cry or sit down and really be alone. As always, the transition period is the hardest to bear even though what it takes is for me to cry for 10 minutes and then get over with the transition period. I’m okay now.

Met someone and I’ve been thinking about him a lot. The thing is he’s taken. That’s what is happening to the good guys that I come to know of. Well, that’s the reason why they’re taken in the first place. So, I will pray day and night, hoping that I will meet you. I know you are somewhere out there and I’m here waiting.


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