A Day at the Beach

This is the first time I’m actually playing driver for 4 other passengers for a day trip to Sepang Gold Coast or any day trip for that matter. The idea of a day trip has long been lingering on our lips but it’s just talk only. This time, it triggered again when I was having a Sunday tea session last week at Fullhouse (????), NiuZheXui (???), Ara Damansara. I want to go there again…love how this cafe/restaurant is based on the Korean drama – Fullhouse theme. We even met MY FM’s deejay, Royce and Wai Fun there. My second time at NZX but many shops have been closed down but found a boutique for decent dress at reasonable price at one of the shop lots. Did not buy anything and I’ve been restricting my temptations pretty well. 🙂

Anyway, back to the main story.

The 3 of us, my friend and her colleague and me went for brunch at Jin Xuan Hong Kong Restaurant, Damansara Jaya for dimsum. Chanced upon this when I went to Hong Kee Dim Sum, also in Damansara Jaya for breakfast the last time and saw that there was a long queue…reckon that it must be good from the crowd. I would say it’s not bad a place to have dimsum. They serve big fat juicy dimsums and when we were already beginning to feel full, there were more choices of dimsum coming out. Some are new to me.

After that, we headed for Cyberjaya to pick 2 of my ex-colleagues, now my lovely friends. Lepak a while at Old Town Cyberjaya before the journey began.

I don’t really know what to expect in Sepang Gold Coast and was also quite worried if it’s going to turn out boring but it turned out pretty interesting. All you need is company.

Actually I’ve been to this place. A friend brought me here once to fly kite! Just didn’t know that Sepang Gold Coast is actually Pantai Bagan Lalang. Sepang Gold Coast is still ongoing contruction with villas stretching towards the Straits of Malacca and sorts. But we were there for the sea breeze, the sunset and just for the idea of being on a beach..so it didn’t really matter.

When we arrived, it was still early. 4pm and sun was still shining very brightly. We lepak around the area and took lots of picture and flew a kite.

Say hi to SpongeBob kite!

I like this picture a lot. There’s my friend there, flying a kite. There’s me there, holding the camera taking thic pic.

These are happy feet!

The sunset would have been more picturesque if only those clouds weren’t blocking the sun. Nevertheless, it’s still ok, at least we could see a tiny bit of the sun.

There were about 2-3 couples taking wedding pictures here. This is one.

We settled for steamboat for dinner at the restaurant there before heading back to KL. You really have to buka your mata besar-besar when you drive back because it’s pitch dark. Some parts of the road only have cat’s eyes to lit up the road. Some are flickering…very nice. Like fireflies flattened on the road.

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