Keropok Lekor and Me

I like the idea that Obama won! 😀

I was eating keropok lekor during lunch, as my dessert I would say and I heard a sound coming from my mouth. Like something clashing but ignored it because I couldn’t feel anything, it didn’t hurt.

I felt that there was like something stuck in my mouth after that, thought it was some leftover of the keropok still stuck in my mouth. But no…it was one of the brackets of my braces. It came off! It’s now hanging on the arch wire, sliding left and right with much joy after having stuck on my back teeth for close to 5 months now. Times flies doesn’t it…I’m going into my 5th month of wearing braces.

I’m reporting to work very early tomorrow so that I can go off earlier to see my dentist after work. No more keropok lekor for now!

I’m also growing back my hair. It has been about 6 months since I cut my hair short and it’s about time I grow it back. Pappy loves me with long hair and he has been reminding me twice about keeping my hair long.

“I don’t look nice in short hair, is it?”

“No…I didn’t say that..I just asked you to keep it long.”

“I really don’t look nice in short hair, is it?”

“I didn’t say that…just keep it long.”

Some guys really dig long hair. I’ve got pretty mixed reaction with the cut of my hair. It’s either, “What happened to you?”  or “You look damn nice in short hair.” I’m not really sure which one I look better in but the thing that prompted me to cut it short is when I see someone who can pull it off with short hair and looks great, I have this sudden urge of wanting to cut it and have that kind of style too.

I still like my hair short…but I’m going to keep it a long short. Not too long and not too short. Get it rebonded and I’ll look like a goddess.

Then you’ll see me walking like there’s a strong wind blowing towards me…but there’s just no wind…just me swinging my head. Hahaha.

I also liked the idea that I found another alternative to drive home from my work place. That would make it the 4th route to drive home from work. And do you know that one of the favourite things I like to do is to keep track of the odometer? Knowing how far is the destination from my house. And do you know that I only knew that I could actually reset the odometer (not the main one) to zero so that I can see the kilometres going up instead of jotting down the kilometre from the main odometer then get it subtracted with the new kilometre measurement once I reach my destination….after 2 years of having this car?

That’s not the only thing. I also realised that I could actually make the wiper to do a quick job, just one wipe of the windscreen by pushing the steering column switch up lightly…after maybe a year and a half of driving this car of mine?

The most classic one of all hor…is I don’t even know that a spare tyre existed…because it’s hidden in the bottom of my boot and I don’t get to see it. It’s covered and when I don’t see it, I think it doesn’t exist. I had the guts to tell AAM when I called them up one day to fix my flat tyre that I don’t have a spare tyre and asked them to bring one for me to have it replaced with my flat tyre. The operator must be laughing at me then it suddenly dawned on me that a spare tyre do exist after calling my dad. I had to then call AAM back again to rescue me…because I had a spare tyre with me. They don’t fix it for you if you don’t have one.

So you see…sometimes I’m a bit dungu…but it’s being dungu that makes you smart.

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