Wa Lau Sai

I woke up pretty early in the morning. It was early because it was still dark and I didn’t know what time it was because a bad tummy woke me up. Diarrhoea.

Went back to sleep then woke up for another round of toilet.

Went back to sleep again….and then woke up to go to the toilet again.

It went on until I finally woke up at 12 noon.

Before that, I was like half dead.

I felt better but told myself and tummy that it has to behave because I’m meeting my friends for a drink, and to collect the wedding photos that I’ve been waiting for eagerly. Remember “The Best Wedding Ever” that I wrote about? Yea…love the photo I took with the bride and with the rest of the jimui.

I actually had a free mini facial appointment but I had to give that a miss as diarrhoea came back again.

Went home to rest and waited another friend for dinner. As it’s going to be a late dinner and I’m not sure if my stomach would co-operate, I cooked myself carrot porridge. Then, I went out with my friend for Japanese food as planned weeks ago. I hope my stomach doesn’t give me anymore trouble when I sleep later tonight. Had to meet this friend tonight because he flew all the way from Miri for a training and I didn’t get to meet him the last time he was in KL….so I just know I had to at least make myself present for the dinner.

I’m thankful for the eventful weekends I’ve been having since October. Going to celebrate a friend’s birthday this Friday, meeting an ex-colleague on Saturday. Sunday…maybe I should speed up on my house cleaning and furniture rearranging. My house needs some major cleaning up. There is so many things accumulated over the years and it’s quite scary because if I don’t remove some stuff or rearrange them, my house will soon turn into a junk house.

The following weekend, I’ll be off to Kota Kinabalu. I’ve always wanted to go to Kota Kinabalu for quite some time. I guess the last time when I really visited Kota Kinabalu was probably 10 years ago or more. Pappy is spending more of his time in KK than in Sandakan due to work commitments…so I’m going to visit him over in KK…while Mummy will be flying to KK from Sandakan…so the 3 of us will gather…and we’ll be celebrating Pappy and Mummy’s wedding anniversary. I will do some shopping. Enjoy some beautiful sunsets over the harbour. EAT!!!

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