I’m Bored so I Write

Sometimes it’s good to be sick. I get to stay home and read a book, learn a new dish.

Aside from sleeping, I was reading this book “My Favourite Wife” by Tony Parsons. This is my problem, before finishing a book, I’ll start with a new one because it’s so tempting. I’ve arranged all the new books to display themselves at the shelf of the bedroom instead of the one in the middle room. This is to remind myself how many new books I have that I need to start working on it.

Tony Parsons has always been my favourite author. He is one sensitive writer..very feminine to a certain extend in his writings..every detail of it makes you feel like you can picture whatever he’s really writing about. Don’t know how to describe it…but I just like his books. He write about love, relationship, family, life. That’s what I love reading in a book.

Lately I’ve been blushing more easily than I already have. This is freaking me out. Colleague talk to me also I can blush. Not like we are talking about some mushy stuff that is embarassing. I will just blush for no reason. So you see…I can never lie. Why? Because my face sometimes betrays me. I can be saying this but for some reason, my face will tell otherwise. So I can’t help but to be very honest at times. Because I’d rather be honest than to find someone seeing me blushing and to discover that I’m actually lying.

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