That Steering Lock

And I thought I’ll be okay this morning. Was already all dressed up to go to work but I just had to go to the toilet for another round of “tummy-flushing-out-bad-things”. So I decided to take a day off and not go to work. Who knows I’ll be spending more time in the office toilet than on the office chair right?

Slept most of the time today and visited the doctor. Cooked myself carrot, chicken strips and dried scallop porridge. It’s yummy.

Of course when you’re sick, it’s bad hair day. At times I cannot stand my hair anymore. it’s “flying” away more than anything and it’s getting thicker and bushier. But I must tahan also because I need it to be a certain length before I do anything on it. So, I’d have to settle for a messier look now but that will be gone by the new year.

Someone was asking me that when I was having a boyfriend or was in a relationship…was I with long hair or short. I said long. So she said maybe it’s time to keep it long. Coming to think of it, it might have been coincident or it isn’t really about the length of the hair, he left or I would say disappear when I cut my hair short not long after that. And when you get more than 1 guy commenting about my short hair….and the very recent…as of today, telling me I look better in long hair. I think long is the answer.

Last night, when I wanted to drive out to meet a friend for dinner. My car steering lock played a trick on me. I couldn’t unlock, given the right key. Yea, it was kind of mind-numbing that I stared at it for a good few seconds, trying to push that key into the keyhole but it just doesn’t work. I called my friend who was on his way to the dinner place and he diverted to come rescue me…though I didn’t know how.

First thought that came, “I don’t have to go to work tomorrow.”

Lousy I know.

Then I said no…I must solve this right now…so I went back to the house, took a safety pin and a paper clip, straighten it and try poking into the keyhole but doesn’t work also. So I tried to investigate what was wrong with the keyhole. There were 4 sides to it and when the key is pushed in, the 4 sides should retreat to make way for the key. 3 sides made way…but 1 was stuck…wouldn’t move. That was the problem. I continued poking la in the darkness…like don’t know what only. Sweating already. Cars parking near me with driver still inside must be wondering I’m a thief or something. haha

Then I gave up and stare at the stupid lock.

“Does the locksmith provides unlocking steering lock service?”

“Can I saw this thing to break it?”

Then I tried to move the 4 sides. 1, 2, 3, 4

Ohh? Suddenly 4 sides is moving…so I tried with the key again. Voila!! It unlocks!

I need to get a new lock because I can’t be going through the same thing again. I know it works now but I don’t know when it’ll fail again. This lock is as old as my car is. 3 years and counting.

So when my friend came, I already rescued myself and already starting to look like shit. How to not look like shit after nursing diarrhoea for the whole day yesterday and then sweating over a steering lock. Totally layu.

Tomorrow I must rise again to conquer the world. Thanks.

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  • gracieq says:

    You’re probably very dehydrated from the bout of diarrhea. Try getting some charcoal pills from the pharmacy cause it helps prevent your body from losing more water than it should. Take care!

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