Losing Myself in a Good Book

It has been 2 days that I woke up way around lunch time. It doesn’t happen very often because I usually get up before 9, the most 10, on weekends. The best time during bedtime is not when you are about to kiss the world goodbye and leave all your sorrows behind, but it’s that time when you just woke up and you’re still lingering on the bed, the soft blanket covering your body and your face partly. You dream about the goodness of the day ahead and smile at your stupid soft toy duck.

Then you see the book laying next to you that says, “Read me. I know you can’t get enough of me. Go on, flip me open and devour every word in me.”

And so I spend the next 2 hours or so, reading on the bed. It was when the time was approaching 1:30pm that I finally got out of bed to make myself fruit juice (2 oranges, 1 red apple and 1 big green apple) and continued with laundry and cooked porridge.

Then, dived back onto the sofa to finish the book. There is a need to finish it today because I can’t wait but to know what will unfold for the characters in the book. Found myself repeating the same line again when I come across a quote that strikes the chord in me, thinking of how brilliant it is that someone can come up with this. Then, I’ll repeat it again out loud in my mind and heart, wanting to absorb the very essence of the words and the meaning to it.

I managed to finish the book and I feel so much better.

Sometimes all you need is just a book or a movie to turn your life around again.

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