I Like to Move It Move It

It just dawned upon me that I now have more girl friends than guy friends. The people that I hang out with lately are all girls group. Office also all girls. Lepak with my hometown mates also all girls. So maybe that explains why when I see a male species, I go berserk.

During my college days, I used to hang out with the guy group because I didn’t really liked some of the girls. And I thought the guys were more understanding and less fussy then and they took good care of me.

Now, I find peace and joy, just yakking away with the girls about problems, minor annoying stuff, basically everything under the sun, including my darkest secrets. It’s the girls who are taking good care of me now that I have no luck with guys whatsoever.

Let me explain the berserk part. You see, when I see a new guy or a friend or a friend I’ve not met for a very long time, I’ll sometimes go imagine about if we would look cute together. Then, if I think I like him, I’ll ask myself the “50 years” question. This is a popular question by my dad. He doesn’t have to ask you if you love the guy and it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t love the guy who you’ve chosen to be with. All you need to answer him…is if you could live with this guy you’ve chosen for at least 50 years.

My dad is definitely not in a hurry to see me being married off and I kind of know why. It feels like he’ll lose a daughter as in I’ll love my husband more than I’ll love my dad..and so he’s keeping me as his daughter as long as it can be…though I know deep down inside, he also wishes I’ll get someone soon.

My mum absolutely wants me to be married off as fast as possible. She worries about me more than my younger sister because I do not have someone to take care of me but my sister does. But I also think she would also be the one who wished it didn’t happen so fast when it really happens. 😀

Anyway…it’s 2:44am and I don’t know what the hell I’m doing staying up so late. I watched Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa today. SO CUTE. SO FUNNY. I repeat. SO CUTE!!!

There were 2 mascots today outside of TGV One Utama. Alex the Lion from Madagascar and the penguin! I almost died when the penguin flipped its flipper. I stood there for a few minutes with an idiot smirk plastered on my face.

I’m a sucker for cute things and it only gets more serious. You only need to look at my work desk. Getting filled with more cute stuff because my motivation and passion for work is boosted by cuteness.

It’s 2:55am..I’m a little sleepy but I want to continue reading “My Favourite Wife” by Tony Parsons. I just love this book lah. Really love it. I read it before I go to bed and the first thing when I wake up in the morning, even before I brush my teeth.

Oh…book book, here I come!


  • silent_one says:

    It’s good to hear that you’re doing so well with your girl friends & also in life. Personally, I feel that gender is not a matter as long as you can get along well with somebody.

    Thanks a lot for dropping by my blog regardless of the lack of updates 🙂

  • Grace says:

    Thank you for sticking around too! 🙂

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