The Ups and the Downs

Yesterday was a bad day for me. I was ranting all day right up till I went to bed. Even before going to bed, I was still feeling the fire raging in me. I just had to SMS a friend who see if he’s awake because my plan was to disturb him and make him a listener.

God was kind to me last night. My friend was still awake so I yak yak and yak till I got tired.

This morning I woke up feeling a little tired, dreading to face reality but I trudged on nonetheless. It feels better today. One thing I’ve learnt yesterday…I cannot do something repeatedly up to a point where I’m repeating it without knowing what’s the point of me doing it and I derive no purpose or meaning in such actions. It was a wall-knocking day..let’s just sum it up that way.

Should it continue today…I will have more victims to be made listeners. It has not ended but I’ve knocked enough walls for the past few days to see some light to it.

You may not know what exactly I’m talking about but I just can’t write in a more detailed way. I actually wrote a separate post last night but decided to keep it private…and yet though it feels like it’s written…but it feels like it’s not acknowledged and publicised and posted because it’s kept private. It’s like I’ve written and expressed whatever I wanted to write yet it’s still hidden. A stone held in your hand, unthrown to the sea.

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