6 Months and Counting..

About 3 weeks ago, a small stretch of the braces wire (in between two teeth) broke and it was lucky that I realised it before I actually swallow that sharp thing. I was chewing on the very tough and chewy suckling pork and after dinner, I was checking my teeth with my tongue and I felt the loosening of the wire and then felt the broken wire.

Macam macam.

I went to the dentist today for my monthly checkup. The dentist changed to a harder wire for me. It’s so hard, even the dentist was having a harder time fixing it on me, stretching and putting it in place with more force than he usually does. I could feel that it’s tighter than the other times, it felt like it’s as though I’m putting on braces for the first time.

After a few hours, I was really beginning to feel the soreness of it. I cannot bite because it hurts. Just picture my teeth as a set of cymbal (the tung tung qiang instrument), when the upper teeth meets the lower teeth, the pain echoes. Just like when you clash the cymbal, it makes a loud noise and then echoes a little and then the sound stops.

I had porridge for 3 meals in a period of 2 days. That also I spend at least half an hour to finish up one bowl of porridge. Brushing teeth is another pain, especially when it comes to brushing the front teeth, both upper and lower jaw.

Although it’s painful this time around as compared to the previous times, I’m happy also because when it’s painful, it means the teeth is moving. So the more painful it is, the faster it moves. I can see some difference now. A few teeth that is caved in, is caving out. Once shy but now braving itself to see the world. Haha.

The doctor told me to be prepared for extraction next month, depending on the progress of my teeth. Another scary process I need to go through but for the sake of my teeth, this is a must-do. Just hope it doesn’t hurt that much.

It has been half a year that I’ve braces. Another year to go. It shouldn’t be too difficult.


  • pelf says:

    I had to extract 8 of my teeth, and I wore braces for 4.5 years. So I know exactly what you are going through. But I can assure you, the final result is worth all the pain 😀

  • Grace says:

    I didn’t know you wore braces for that long. 8 is a lot! “The final result is worth all the pain”, I hear this a lot from people who have got their braces taken off. I will be patiently waiting for the day to come.

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