Penguin Race

I was reading some forwarded mails by a friend and I came across something that suddenly sparked my interest and brought me back to the days of my childhood. I was so excited, I made Mummy to come to the computer so that I can show her what I was talking about. And then I confessed to her that she used to buy doraemon chocolates for me (it comes in a box, with a toy in it)…something like Tora? And she would hide it on the wardrobe. I’m only allowed one box a day but sometimes I just would like to have another box. So what I did was to sneak into my parent’s bedroom, take out a stool and made my hands reach the top of the wardrobe. Voila! Well yea..I can be naughty too.

The other thing which I wanted to confess but hesitated and thought I could make it another confession for another day…is the barbie doll that I knew was going to be my Christmas present many years ago. I still remember the colour of the’s green, Parkson’s very own wrapper. There’s no Parkson in Sandakan and I was very sure my parents got me and my sister one barbie each from Parkson Ria, Kota Kinabalu. The barbie dolls followed my parents back or so they smuggled them back without us noticing during our trip to Kota Kinabalu.

I just couldn’t wait for Christmas and when I saw them, I couldn’t resist opening the wrapper to confirm it’s the barbie doll that I’ve been dreaming to have. So one fine day, while my parents were out, I went into the bedroom, lock it and then carefully and slowly unwrapping the present. And when I saw the Barbie doll, I guess I must have been in awe for a good few minutes before I wrapped it back carefully again. I didn’t want to get caught. I didn’t want the present to appear like it has been opened. I then wait for Christmas day to come and then showed my parents how bloody happy I was to have Barbie as my Christmas present. I made it look like I was very shocked, astonished, surprised, amazed that I ACTUALLY HAVE A BARBIE DOLL AS MY CHRISTMAS PRESENT. HOW COOL IS THAT? Oh yes, I’m a great pretender. But I was REALLY REALLY REALLY HAPPY!

Let’s get back on track. I’m sure most of you know this toy?
Fishing Toy

One of my favourite! I know it still exists..I think I’ve seen it somewhere in some toy shops. When it runs out of battery, I’ll still be playing with it but I have no idea how. It’s like when you have no more coins to insert into a video arcade machine, there’ll anyhow be a demo game until someone inserts a coin. You will go move the joystick and hit the button, imagining you’re really Ryu or Ken in Street Fighter attacking Vega or Blanka with all your might. Or move on to another machine with planes shooting on enemies and avoiding bombs. Do you know what I’m talking about? Hahaha. It’s called MAKE BELIEVE.

But there’s one toy which I really miss.

Penguin Race

The penguins will go up the stairs and then slide down. Wee! Sometimes it will run out of battery but I will still play with it manually, make the penguin climb the stairs with my hand then let go of it when it reaches the edge of the staircase.

There are also cases where the slide will fall out of place or broke into two. What do you do? Stick it back with cellophane tape!

I was thinking about getting this for my own Christmas present…that is if it still exists. I also know it’s an absolutely ridiculous present for a 26-year-old but then it makes me happy! 😀


  • Mousy says:

    OMG…I remember that parkson wrapper, but i din know that u opened it beforehand! notty girl! I remember the doraemon chocs but not that u stole extras! Did u share them with me?! The Fish!! and the Penguin! I remember the fish, but i completely forgot about the penguin until i saw the pic!!! Do u remember our old bedroom..with the double decker.. Those toys were out of batteries like all the time?! But i do remember pretending that they worked perfectly fine! haha..

  • charlene says:

    yier…I also want this penguin race toy! Seriously Gracie, get for yourself on Christmas la…. It’s nice!

  • Grace says:

    Mousy: I don’t think I share those chocs with you. Dah lah I curi, cannot reveal to you and must portray myself as a role model – Good sister who never steals extra chocolate from the top of the wardrobe.

    Yea, we have an elephant who roars and then roars very sexily when the battery got low but we still made it roar anyway till it cannot roar anymore! ahaha

    Charlene: I’ll try to hunt it down! :d

  • Mousy says:

    I remember that elephant! Blue..din really like it that much compared to my other soft toys! Metrojaya was our usual place for our soft toys..the poor old toys! got kept in the top cupboard! i think my favourite one which i hugged for quite long is that pink rabbit! remember ur stinky black seal? hahaha

  • Grace says:

    oh…that pink rabbit, Mimi. Yea..the stinky black seal and vain white seal…the one I helped to put make up on. :d

  • Mousy says:

    Oh ya, i forgot about the white one! We’ve seriously got too many soft toys! I wonder how long they’ll stay with us.. I cant imagine giving it up!

  • silent_one says:

    Walao….the fish & penguin race toy! Ok, now you’re getting me excited.

    Make sure you sms me whenever you see any of these toys, Grace, because I wanna buy one myself too! :d

  • Grace says:

    The fish…you can get it at any toy shop. Saw one in Toy City? I think normal department store also should have. The penguin one ar…is a bit tricky. I haven’t found one yet.

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