I spent the first day of 2009….EATING.

Breakfast: Dim sum

Lunch: Fish slice noodle

Dinner: Rice with a few ordered dishes (Curry Fish Head, Steamed Fish, Fried Vege, Fried Pork Knuckle)

New washing machine will come tomorrow. yay!

I’m working tomorrow. yay! (It’s time I go back to work, at least I feel more productive. Tomorrow is just one working day before I greet the weekend again. So it’s a good day to start my working life for 2009, change my calendar from 2008 to 2009, change to my new bag that I’m bringing to work tomorrow and warm up to more challenging days ahead!)

Mummy will fly home soon and I think I’ll miss her this time. Even though I said I hope she’ll go back soon but now I can’t help but feel that I’ll be missing her. Selalunya begitu. But it’s alright because I’ll be home in another 3 weeks. Can’t believe time flies…I need to get the CNY deco all done for my house by next week. Time to take out all the red ribbons again. Then I’ll get to do another round of CNY deco in Sandakan when I get back! This is my favourite task!

I’ve not really come up with a new year resolution yet. Haven’t really give it a good thought but I think it’s going be as the same as last year because there are things which I need to continously practice and some things are not even done yet. But that will be a separate entry…it’s bedtime and have a good day at work tomorrow!

And remember to buckle up at the back! It’s RM300 fine or RM2000 fine from July onwards or one year jail or both.

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