clean clean clean

Spent the afternoon tidying up the study room and now it looks messier than ever before because I’m actually digging out stuff to either throw or keep so while I’m deciding, they’re now all over the place. It’s like a war zone here in my house because I moved some of the things temporarily outside of the studying room to the living room and dining table.

Changed the position of my computer table. Was facing the windows before this (due to some fengshui reason by my uncle…never got to change it because afraid Pappy will get upset about it..but now I don’t care already).  I’ve moved it so that the window is on my left. Somehow it feels breezier this way. More space for the room, or so it seems. I’ve been wanting to change the position anyway…so finally got to do it today. The amount of dirt accumulated is just so fantastic.

Sometimes I cannot believe the amount of junk I keep.

What is out:

  • Some of my old textbooks. If I were to keep it for 10 years, I don’t think I’ll read it. So why keep it if I’m not going to read it?
  • Envelopes. I keep every single envelope whenever I get a bill posted to my house. This is used to wrap *ahem ahem* during that period of the month but there are just too many envelopes already. I’m going to get new mails anyway.
  • Some documents of my first job. I guess my first job is somewhat like my first love.
  • A few photos of people that I used to love but I don’t love anymore. Everytime I look at it, it gives me a thorn. Thorn is bad for the heart.

What is still in:

  • Some of my old textbooks of my favourite subjects in college. I just don’t have the heart to dump it yet.
  • Training materials of my first job. I don’t know what’s this for but I just don’t feel like disposing off them.
  • Journal entries written for English class during my foundation year. 6 of them. 3 with Grade D. 2 with Grace C- and the final journal with Grade B- (just because I praised my English teacher and how I enjoyed English class). I wrote very innocent and ridiculous journals back then. Ridiculous because what you wrote then doesn’t apply now anymore and I don’t even know why I wrote the things I wrote but I was laughing away reading what I wrote and then put it back into the file. This will re-surface when I do the next spring-cleaning. Let’s see how many spring-cleaning I’ll go through before I finally dump those journals as well.
  • 2 boxes of hand-written birthday cards, love cards and love letters.

More things to be dumped tomorrow. Some will go to the donation for charity box.

Tomorrow’s the last day to enjoy before my life gets hectic again. I see stressful days ahead but I WILL SURVIVE!


  • pelf says:

    I trashed a lot of my stuff last month too! Things that I didn’t even know I had, paperwork from the day I enrolled into the university in 2001 (gosh, that’s 8 years ago!), things that I forgotten I had, and things that I did not use in the past 2 years.

    Sent a bag of clothes that I haven’t worn in the past year to Tzu Chi, and returned books that I have borrowed from my Advisor.

    My room doesn’t look any bigger, but I know I have less trash now, and that makes me happy. And Mum too. LOL.

  • silent_one says:

    Yes, the first job is like everyone’s first love. Not for me though..

    Thumbs up for the clean up!

  • Grace says:

    pelf: My mum is definitely happier too because I have the ability to grow things in my room, it’s shocking so after the spring-cleaning, it looks less cluttered.

    silent_one: thank you!

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