Siaran tergendala. Was about to start packing and suddenly my stomach started to do some self-cleansing. Diarrhoea. Must be the fruit juice lah but it’s okay, everything bad must go out. So while I’m nursing my tummy with some ginger cream which is said to relieve stomach wind, and also used as a slimming cream and period pain reliever, I shall continue writing. I will continue packing when I’m a bit more better.

The picture above is exactly how my balcony looks like now. The lightings which consists of small red lanterns is put up on Sunday evening itself and I was enjoying the view of it last night. I switched off the lights in the living room, apply facial mask on my face, lie on the sofa and enjoyed the redness in the darkness. And because I wanted to show you how it looks like, I took pictures of it. It took me 48 shots to pick one. This is the nicest. The rest is just like shit. I tested every ISO settings possible 100 to 1600. 1600 appears brighter but with more noise/grains and just plain cacat. I think this one is with the lower ISO setting. Actually after taking pictures with this camera for so long, I’ve never once touched the ISO setting. Usually it’s set to Auto then one day I was playing with the camera and I must have set some of the setting to other setting, I don’t even remember what I did so from then on, I thought something was wrong with my camera because I don’t take nice sharp pictures anymore. Or the fact that I need to get at least so many shots to get a decent one. Time-consuming and very tiring.

Like when I went to shoot for lion dance. Also I can’t get good pictures. First is because the lion is always moving and I didn’t want to use flash. So I was always taking pictures when the lion is still enough. And with that, I also have one decent picture of it to show you. The rest tak boleh pakai.

Anyone knows how to take good pictures for lion dances that are moving vigorously using without flash? Or am I asking for too much? Don’t ask me to get DSLR even though I wish I had one but I’m just not going to invest in one just yet because I just don’t know. Just not now..not yet.

Okie back to work now.

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